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No, I have every right to call you out for this. Because I am a nice person I am blocking out your name so that you won’t be grilled for this. However, what you are doing is very immature and very uncalled for…you’re 25? Because I feel like you are acting much, much younger. 

An artist has every right to refuse a request to draw. Especially from random people who try to put on a good face so that they can draw something for you and basically use one’s artistic talent for their own needs. I draw random characters of my friends because I care a lot about them and even if I didn’t want to draw them I know that they would back me up in a heartbeat and say that it is fine.

You say not to call you out in public because it leads to negative encounters with your friends. How do you think I feel when you do this to me? How do you think I feel when you want to threaten to unfollow me because I refuse to draw your character? You think too much about yourself and not about the artist who supposedly even wants to fulfill a request like yours.

Which leads me to my next point about how you don’t even care about the artist here. At least when I request that people draw my character I am niceabout it and realize the fact that yes, artists have busy lives they lead. I don’t badger them and make a fuss when they don’t want to draw my OCs. Asking for an artist’s time for free is liking talking to any full-time working person for their free time. It’s going up to anyone and saying, “Hello, I want you to do something and spend your time on me but I don’t want to pay you for it at all.” At least have decency if you want to ask someone to draw something for you.

Again, I am a nice person and I am not going to give out your name. I just want my friends to know that there are people like you out there who are merely after people’s art talents and not for the person themselves. I hope you learn from this and build from what I have said because I guarantee you this is not the way that you make friends…at least in the small Tumblr community I am a part of. Have a nice day.


I think you should have left his name in.

He randomly pmed me in notes so I deleted it. It was…uncomfortable..

i wish you would of let his name in…we could of done something about this “/

Dear everyone:

Don’t be an asshole to artists.

Wow, I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed to have ever made a freebie doodle for this guy in the past. I’d assumed he was a kid. Nope. Same age as me. Go figure.

thehydracoalition asked:

Ship meme: Medic/Scout please.


who is the big spoon/little spoon

Medic is the big spoon and Scout is the little spoon.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity

Exploratory surgery Playing with Medic’s birds.

who uses all the hot water in the morning

Medic enjoys keeping an immaculate appearance, which means taking his time in shaving and cleaning every nook and cranny.  Sometimes Scout just hops in with him briefly so that he doesn’t have to suffer through a cold shower.

what they order from take out

Scout likes the rice with the mini shrimps and mini corns in it.  Medic just orders whatever catches his eye on the menu first, but he has a particular fascination with egg rolls.  Nothing has the right ot be that delicious.  Nothing.

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

Whether Medic has the right to comb Scout’s hair in the mornings without his say so.  Just because he has gay sex doesn’t mean he has to look the part.

who does most of the cleaning

Medic enjoys a pristine living quarters.

who leaves their stuff around

Scout.  Baseballs just kind of appear in places and somehow underwear hang inexplicably off he coffee table.  It just happens.  

who remembers to buy the milk

It depends on who goes to the store.  Medic forces Scout to go with a list, which he usually ignores, but he always remembers the milk.  Even if it’s not on there.

who remembers anniversaries

Medic relies on Scout to start dropping hints about three days before their anniversary, but he remembers the kid’s birthday on his own.

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